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Electronic signing of documents in Dynamics 365 (CRM) & Teams (O365) 


Arango signature

Arango offers electronic signature of documents and contracts as part of digital process, all within the Dynamics 365 CRM system. The solution simplifies the preparation of documents for electronic signing by using data from Dynamics 365 and give overview of the whole process for follow up.


Arango Signature shortens the process of preparing documents for electronic signing. The solution utilizes data from underlying systems and reduces manual input. The solution is available based on Dataverse for  Dynamics 365 or Teams. Documents are saved in sharepoint as part or the Office 365 environment


The use of electronic signatures increases the security of the right person to sign the document. Electronic signature also eliminates the need for a signature witnessing. Data is transmitted in a traceable manner in digital form and a signed document is saved immediately at a defined location.  



With Arango Signature you can sign documents anywhere and anytime with electronic credentials and identification. The solution is related to the electronic signature solution from Dokobit and utilizes the functionality offered by Dokobit.


Arango Signature is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams in Office 365. Create a document, send to the electronic signature and receive a reminder when the signing is complete and the document has been saved automatically linked to a customer, offer or  a case.


Team signing

Electronic signatures are well suited to the environment of companies and institutions where more than one approver must sign the documents. The solution supports multiple signatures and the set up of rules and procedures for document types.


It is easy to monitor the status of the document, who has it for signing and receive notification when the signing is complete.


After signing, the document is saved in the CRM customer's history along with other documents and communications. 

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