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Privacy Policy


Privacy is very important to Arango as well as the security of the data the company handles. The following policy sets out the purpose personal information is collected and how the data is handled. Arango only collects information to provide consultancy or services at any given time. In some cases to provide services Arango needs to collect, store or process personal information and our goal is that customers and all applicaple parties are informed about how Arango collects and processes personal information

Arango Privacy Policy

Arango ehf, ID: 4904191520, hereinafter referred to as Arango or the Company, processes personal information that the company collects either as a responsible party or a processing party. Arango is based at Hlíðasmári 14, 201 Kópavogur, and is responsible for the personal information provided to the company. 
Arango ensures that all our activities are in accordance with legislation on Data Protection and the processing of personal data, Act No. 90/2018. 
Personal information in our custody are made available to the relevant registered individuals at their request in accordance with applicable law at any given time.

Collection and handling of personal information
Arango collects information about, customers, and suppliers that the Company is required to retain in accordance with laws and regulations, contracts, the consent of the data subject or for the other legitimate interests of the guarantor.
Arango collects personal information about its customers for a variety of purposes; to provide them with access to products and services in accordance with the provisions of  agreements, to ensure that services are tailored to their needs and to provide them with information for market purposes.
Arango only collects information that is necessary to provide advice or services at any one time. If the customer chooses not to provide personal information, there is a possibility that Arango will not be able to provide the parties in question with products or provide service
Personal information will only be stored for as long as necessary in accordance business agreements unless otherwise permitted or required by law

Usage and Dissemination of personal information
Arango never uses personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected. 
Arango will not share personal information with third parties unless informed consent is obtained from a registered individual. In all cases, the security of the information will be ensured and care will be taken to ensure that dissemination complies with the provisions of law at any given time.
Arango may share personal information with a third party (processor) who is a service provider or contractor on behalf of the Company, and then for the purpose of completing a project or providing customers with a service or product agreed upon by the customer. Arango provides processors with only the personal information deemed necessary to achieve the above purposes.
In cases where a third party (processor) gains access to personal information, Arango ensures confidentiality and that data is deleted after processing. Arango never rents or sells personal customer Information.
Arango manages the contact information of marketing recipients for the purpose of disseminating information to partners and customers. Recipients may at any time request to be removed from this list. A request for this should be sent to the e-mail address Arango maintains proportionality in the collection of personal information and ensures that personal information is never stored longer than necessary in accordance with the purpose of the processing.


Data storage and security
Arango focuses on ensuring that personal information is stored securely. Arango ensures that appropriate technical and organizational security measures are in place to ensure maximum data security at all times.
Arango focuses on information and data security protection by ensuring employee awareness of data security. Arango employees are subject to Arango's privacy policy as well as signing confidentiality and confidentiality policies. In the event of a security breach where there is a possibility that personal information has fallen into the hands of an unauthorized party, such breaches are handled in accordance with Article 27 of the Act on Personal Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data.

Rights of registered persons:

  • Arango strives to preserve and inform employees, customers and partners about their rights when it comes to personal information by:

  • Provide information on the processing of personal information in a clear, comprehensible, transparent and accessible manner.

  • Have contact information accessible to all registered individuals.

  • Know and inform about the purpose and legal basis of our processing.

  • Know and inform where information processing takes place.

  • Identify and inform recipients or categories of recipients of their personal information.

  • Identify and inform how long the personal information of registered persons will be stored.

  • Know and inform about the rights of registered individuals, ie. the right of access, correction, transfer and the right to be forgotten.

  • Enable registered persons to revoke consent for processing at any time.

  • Know and inform when registered individuals have a legal obligation to provide us with personal information.

  • Facilitate registered individuals to seek redress by providing all necessary information to the regulatory body.

Cookies and privacy on the Arango website

Arango uses cookies and similar technology to collect information about the use of the company's websites. Cookies make the website remember you and how you use the site each time you visit it again. Cookies do not contain personal information such as name, email address, phone number or ID number. This enables Arango to design the website in the best possible way and for statistical purposes to improve the website's quality and service to users. Cookies are secure, they do not contain any code and can not be used to access your computer.

Cookies are also used to improve the performance of the website and Arango uses services such as Google Analytics for web tracking and quality control. Information used for this purpose is, for example, the number and duration of visits, users' journeys and keywords.

Third-party cookies are cookies, for example we may have a button to like or share content on Facebook and thus the company in question could place a cookie on your computer or smart device. We have no control over how these companies use their cookies, but we encourage you to learn how they use cookies and how you can manage them. Most browsers offer the option to block third-party cookies but accept first-party cookies.

Cookies may be stored on users' computers for a maximum of 24 months, from the time the user last visited a website. You can control how you use cookies in your browser, e.g. so that their use is stopped. Detailed information on how to do this can be found on the website of the browser manufacturer in question.

Changes to privacy policy

Arango's privacy policy is reviewed regularly and the company's policy is to be as clear as possible about how the company collects personal information and for what purpose the information is used. Arango reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time, without notice. A new version shall be identified by the date of issue. Arango's privacy policy can be found at All inquiries regarding the handling of personal information and Arango's privacy policy should be sent to the e-mail address

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