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arango contractor

  - Simple time registration for tasks, equipment and employees  

  - A good overview, graphically, for managers  

  - Standard reports  

  - Simple and convenient interface for smart devices  

  - The system  always at hand  

  - Safer typing and better recording of time down to work 

Arango | The contractor


Work and time registration solution for Icelandic contractors based on a powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment in the cloud

Arango | The contractor


An accessible solution for smart devices that prevents timekeeping on paper, saves time when entering information

Arango | The contractor


Good overview in a graphical way, for the operation, time registration, value registration and settlement of works

Arango | The contractor


Based on the experience and use of numerous Icelandic companies of all sizes and  made for many years


Further functionality

Earthmoving contractors

Arango | The contractor gives companies the opportunity to manage the core business in one solution. Business management, documents, equipment register and time registration of employees down to work and equipment. Contractors in earthworks and transport can keep track of the number of journeys in transport, mines / routes, materials / containers and quantities in transport (cubic meters, kilometers, number). The manager has a good overview of customers and tasks that simplify invoicing and settlement.​ 

Connection to accounting systems

Arango | The contractor offers standard connections to accounting systems such as DK and Business Central (NAV) for project settlement and invoicing. Connecting to an accounting system creates time savings in typing and back-processing. 

Equipment list

Arango | The contractor offers to maintain the company's asset and equipment register. 

Simple and accessible registration that provides an overview of assets, use of equipment and time registration down to equipment. 

Dashboard and management information

Arango | The contractor offers powerful reporting in a graphical way. Ready-made dashboards give a clear picture of the operation and development of works.  The moderator has a real-time overview of the day's work. The Dashboard is accessible on any smart device at any time. 

Business management

Arango | The contractor offers to keep out of customer lists and contacts. You can manage all communication with customers and contacts due to work or other matters. Connecting to Office 365 and Outlook makes it easy to record emails and clients. 

Document management

Arango | The contractor offers to maintain all communications, documents and contracts. By connecting to Office 365, the documents are saved in Sharepoint and are accessible to works and customers. This facilitates overview and access to documents for tenders and contracting

Work and time registration

Arango | The contractor offers powerful project and time registration. The works, time registration, equipment, materials and transport are managed. An employee with a selected device can record trips to more than one job and a customer at the same time, for example when driving in one direction for job 1 but back for job 2. The employee therefore does not have to come to the house with work reports between jobs. 

Travel and materials

Arango | The contractor offers registration of the number of trips in driving, mines / routes, materials / containers and quantities in transport. In an easy way, the employee logs in to work at the beginning of the day and counts the day's trips with one click on a smart device. At the same time, the content and volume of transport are automatically recorded on the device. This gives an accurate overview of the number of trips and the amount of material in the work, which is useful in the settlement of works. 

The main benefits


  - Management of customers and contacts in one place ​ 

  - Overview of works, contracts and communication with customers ​ 

  - Simple interface in a smart device for employees ​ 

  - Improved overview for foremen and managers ​ 

  - Increases efficiency and speeds up monthly invoicing ​ 

  Additions and innovations part of the monthly license fees ​ 

  - Monthly license fees according to the number of users and the solution is therefore scalable according to the size of the company ​ 


The solution is hosted in the cloud that ensures:  

  - Access for users anywhere, anytime, with a browser on a computer or by phone ​ 

  - Fixed and transparent operating costs per month, based on the number of users ​ 

  - Automatic updates ​ 

  - Fixed implementation and start-up costs 


Arango | The contractor is based on the Microsoft Power Platform which is integrated with other Microsoft solutions such as Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, Sharepoint  and Teams and is therefore very suitable for companies operating in that environment. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform are state-of-the-art cloud solutions and are accessible on both smart devices, phones and public workspaces.

Further information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Arango contractor solutions can be obtained from Arango's consultants at

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