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KYC ID Verification Process / Power Platform and  Dynamics 365 

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Arango AML

Reduce financial crime risks with online AML screening and instant identity verification‎ within Dynamics 365 & Power Platform.

Speed up onboarding process and meet AML compliance.

KYC ID Verification Process:

  • Customer Identification Program 

  • Customer due diligence.

  • Ongoing monitoring.

Simplify the process with Arango AML!


Arango AML uses customer information in the system to prepare and send out due diligence. The solution provides an overview of the status and date of signing so that statistics on signed due diligence and their age can be extracted.  

The solution is available as part of Dynamics 365 CRM for current customers or as a standalone solution in Office 365 & Power Platform


Due diligence is signed by electronic signature using Dokobit. The use of electronic signatures increases the confidence that the right person will answer and sign the survey and not the need for witnesses. Data is transmitted in a traceable manner in digital form and a signed survey is saved immediately at a defined location.  



Notifying parties are obliged to identify the identity of their customers and their activities and to notify the competent authorities if any illegal activity is suspected. With Arango solutions, customer information is saved, their history is recorded and notifications can be sent to authorities based on data in the system. 


Arango AML is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365.  Create a due diligence, send to the electronic signature and receive a reminder when the signature is completed and the document has been saved automatically linked to the customer, opportunity or  errand.

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Notifiable parties

Notifiable parties are the various companies in the business sector, such as banking, securities and investment companies, insurance companies, pension funds, car sales, real estate sales, auditing companies, law firms and various other operations.  

A complete list of parties subject to notification in Iceland can be found at  Act on Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing by clicking here: Althingi website


Arango AML can be used by all notifiable parties!

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